Saturday, March 5, 2016

Spiralizer Saturday Round-up and March challenge

Welcome to Spiralizer Saturday - once again I'm inviting you all to link up your spiralizer recipes (which could also be made using a julienne cutter or similar) - recipes of all types as there is no theme.
I don't have a recipe to share with you today as I haven't used my spiralizer for a couple of weeks, so I will go straight into the round-up from last month.

I made this rather unusual sweet potato 'pizza' which uses spiralized sweet potato as a base, topped with tomato puree and mozzarella - it made a delicious lunch!

Ros, who you might know from the More Than Occasional Baker, has a new blog at A Twirly Whirly Blog which is all about spiralizer recipes. She made a chicken and mushroom black bean stir-fry using spiralized carrot and courgette.

I used a similar approach in this spiralized Pad Thai, making one with chicken and a vegetarian one with tofu. Both had spiralized butternut squash, mooli and carrot.

And here's another one from Ros at Twirly Whirly Blog: spiralized butternut squash with pancetta, prawn and spinach in a creamy mascarpone sauce which sounds amazing! In fact I think I might have to cook this myself!

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  1. Love it!! Love it!! Had a big bulky food processor for spiralizer my zucchini and what a bundle something it was. This is small and light and handy to heavy machine to drag out of cabinet. This works as well as the food processor and I will use it more often because it does not take up so much counter space.