Monday, April 17, 2017

Meal Planning Monday 2017 - Week 16

Monday; bank holiday
Lunch- bacon sandwich
Dinner- vol au vents with leftover lamb and pomegranate. A slightly odd recipe as I've had some vol au vents in the freezer for ages that need using up and found a recipe for fatayer - spiced lamb pastry parcels with pomegranate - that I thought I could adapt for vol au vents! I think they would go well with salad.
Lunch - leftover lamb and pomegranate flatbread
Dinner - out at an event, will grab something en route

Lunch leftover vol au vents with salad
Dinner - potentially out with a friend; if not, I will make yogurt-spiced chicken with rice from a Weightwatchers recipe I printed out years ago

Lunch- flatbread and salad
Dinner -turkey, lime and honey stir-fry from an old M&S magazine
Lunch- flatbread and salad
Dinner - smoked mackerel in mustard sauce
Lunch - on a bbq course
Dinner - crab and chilli spaghetti for me, spaghetti carbonara for him
Lunch - scrambled egg bagel
Dinner - roast beef (unless the weather gets really hot and we don't want a roast!)

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